Uppercasing a grid column << Back

If you ever tried to force uppercasing in a Grid (not dbGrid, not cCjGrid), you would probably be frustrated becasue there is no documented way to do such simple task (Capslock_State is not a property of Grid) . Here is an undocumented way - Setting the Form_Justification_Mode of the column to an undocumented value. This setting is for column-based uppercasing, not cell based. This little gem even safe-guards against pasting content directly to the cell.

Use DfAllEnt

Object oPanel is a Panel
	Set Size to 75 75
	Object oGrid is a Grid
		Set Size to 50 60
		Set Line_Width to 1 0
		Set Header_Label 0 to "Uppercase"
		Set Form_Width 0 to 50
		Set Form_Justification_Mode 0 to 9 // To uppercase column 0
		Procedure Page_Object Integer iPage
			Forward Send Page_Object iPage
			Send Add_Item Msg_None ""

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