Tooltip not getting destroyed << Back

In Windows.pkg, you will probably see something like this

    Procedure Page_Object Integer iState
        Handle hWnd
        Get Window_Handle to hWnd
        Forward Send Page_Object iState
        // Handle tooltip support....
        If (iState = 0) Begin
            Send RequestDeleteToolTip
        Else Begin

Notice that on line 7, iState is almost always non-zero. When a control is removed from the screen (you close a view/panel), DF is not going to send Page_Object 0. When a control is destroyed (let's say a control in a deferred modal panel with has destroy_object_state set), Page_Object will not get called. The only time iState would be 0 is when you explicitly call Page_Object with the parameter 0, which no sane person would do that. The more times you open/close the views/panels, more tooltips will be added. It was logged before DF 20 was released, and I am sad to report that the bug is still not fixed in the offical DF 20 release. It is such an easy fix IMO. Oh well.

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