Multiline Radio/Checkbox << Back

There is a "MultiLineState" property in the "Button" control. However there is no such property for "Radio"/"CheckBox" control. Here is a quick fix. Mix the following Mixin into your sub class (you do have a subclass layer, don't you?) for Radio, CheckBox, and dbCheckBox class. Remember to set the Auto_Size_State to FALSE!

Use Windows

Class MultiLine_Mixin is a Mixin
	Procedure Define_MultiLine_Mixin
		Property Boolean MultilineState False
	End_Procedure // Define_MultiLine_Mixin

	Procedure Set Form_Style Integer iItem Integer iStyle
		If (MultiLineState(Self)) Move (iStyle ior BS_MULTILINE) to iStyle
		Forward Set Form_Style iItem to iStyle
	End_Procedure // Form_Style
End_Class // MultiLine_Mixin
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