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Bob Wosley asked how to relocate/resize the "total" forms in a cCJGrid. Basically Bob wants to create a Form control underneath each cCJGridColumn. When the user resizes any column, the Form control resize with the column. Here is a complete sample. However I do want to note a few things

Use DfAllEnt.pkg
Use ccjGrid.pkg
use ccjGridColumn.pkg

Class cColumnWidthForm is a ccjGridColumn
	Procedure End_Construct_Object
		Handle hForm
		Property Handle phForm
		Forward Send End_Construct_Object
		Get Create of (Parent(Parent(Self))) (RefClass(Form)) to hForm
		Set phForm to hForm
		Set Enabled_State of hForm to False
		Set Value of hForm 0 to (psCaption(Self))
	Procedure ResizeForm Integer iColumnX Integer iWidth
		Handle hForm hGrid
		Integer iLoc iSize
		If (IsComObjectCreated(Self)) Begin
			Get phForm to hForm
			If (pbVisible(Self)) Begin
				Set Visible_State of hForm to True
				Get Parent to hGrid
				Get GuiLocation of hGrid to iLoc
				Get GuiSize of hGrid to iSize
				Set GuiLocation of hForm to (Hi(iLoc) + Hi(iSize) + 20) (Low(iLoc) + iColumnX)
				Set GuiSize of hForm to 30 iWidth
				Send Adjust_Logicals of hForm
			Else Set Visible_State of hForm to False

Class cGridWithForms is a cCJGrid

	Function ColumnVariantToObject Variant llColumn Returns Handle
		Handle hoCol
		Handle[] hColumns
		Integer iColumn
		Get phoColumnObjects to hColumns
        Get phoReportColumn to hoCol
        Set pvComObject of hoCol to llColumn
        Get ComItemIndex of hoCol to iColumn
        Send ReleaseComObject of hoCol
        Function_Return hColumns[iColumn]
	Procedure ResizeForms
		Integer iIndex iCount iPosition iWidth
		Handle hColumns hColumn
		Variant vColumn
		Get phoReportColumns to hColumns
		Get ComCount of hColumns to iCount
		Move 0 to iPosition
		Decrement iCount
		For iIndex From 0 to iCount
			Get ComColumn of hColumns iIndex to vColumn
			Get ColumnVariantToObject vColumn to hColumn
			If (Not(IsComObjectCreated(hColumn))) Procedure_Return
			Get ComWidth of hColumn to iWidth
			Send ResizeForm of hColumn iPosition iWidth
			If (pbVisible(hColumn)) Add iWidth to iPosition
	Procedure OnComColumnOrderChangedEx Variant llColumn XTPReportColumnOrderChangedReason llReason
        Forward Send OnComColumnOrderChangedEx llColumn llReason
        Send ResizeForms
	Procedure OnComColumnWidthChanged Variant llColumn Integer llPrevWidth Integer llNewWidth
		Forward Send OnComColumnWidthChanged llColumn llPrevWidth llNewWidth
		Send ResizeForms
	Procedure OnCreate
		Forward Send OnCreate
		Send ResizeForms

Object oPanel is a Panel
	Set pbSizeToClientArea to True
	Set Size to 250 300
	Object oGrid is a cGridWithForms
		Set Size to 200 300
		Set peAnchors to anAll
		Object o1 is a cColumnWidthForm
			Set piWidth to 100
			Set psCaption to "Column 1"
		Object o2 is a cColumnWidthForm
			Set piWidth to 50
			Set psCaption to "Column 2"
		Procedure LoadData
	        Handle hoDataSource
	        tDataSourceRow[] TheData
	        Integer iIndex iTotal
	        Get phoDataSource to hoDataSource
	        For iIndex From 0 to 9
	            Move "Column 1" to TheData[iIndex].sValue[0] 
	            Move "Column 2" to TheData[iIndex].sValue[1] 
	        Send InitializeData TheData
	        Send MovetoFirstRow
	    Procedure Activating
	        Forward Send Activating
	        Send LoadData
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