Euro Sign in cCJGrid << Back

If you ever want to turn your VDF app into ANSI compliance (not Unicode, dream small), you might attempt to turn the OEM_Translate_State to False for every single UI object. Unfortunately for cCJGrid, which is an ActiveX control, doesn't support OEM_Translate_State. All Flexml and FlexCom2 objects are dealing with OEM character set exclusively. So, how would you display ANSI only characters (for example, the Euro sign) in the "new and improved" cCJGrid?

Object oColumn is a cCJGridColumn
    Function FormatDisplayValue String ByRef sValue Returns Boolean
        Boolean bResult
        Forward Get FormatDisplayValue (&sValue) to bResult
        Function_Return True
    Function CustomEditObject Returns Handle
        Handle hEdit
        Forward Get CustomEditObject to hEdit
        Set OEM_Translate_State of hEdit to False
        Function_Return hEdit

The FormatDisplayValue basically ignores the return value from the "Forward Send". By returning "True", it basically tells the cCJGrid that I am returning ANSI data for display purpose. The CustomeEditObject is to force the Edit (Form) control to be ANSI for edit purpose. Since whenever the cCJGrid goes into Edit mode, it will dynamically create a Form control to allow the user to edit the content of the cell.

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