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For detail explanation, see the blog entry Color Checkbox. In summary, to change the text color of the label of a Group, you have to disable "theme" for that control.

Use DfAllEnt
External_Function SetWindowTheme "SetWindowTheme" UXTHEME.DLL Handle h Integer i1 Integer i2 Returns Integer
Object oMain is a Panel
	Object oGroup is a Group
		Set Size to 50 50
		Set TextColor to clRed
		Set Label to "Test"
		Procedure Page_Object Integer iPage
			Integer ia iz
			Forward Send Page_Object iPage
			Move 0 to iz
			Move (AddressOf(iz)) to ia
			Move (SetWindowTheme(Window_Handle(Self),ia,ia)) to iPage // Instead of Form_Window_Handle
		End_Procedure // Page_Object
	End_Object // oCheck
	Object oButton is a Button // VDF Panels require at least one focusable object.
		Set Location to 50 0
End_Object // oMain
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